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About us

We are the number one partner in all things healthcare. We impress our customers with our products and our customer service.

A few important facts about Daimler BKK

We are a dedicated company health insurance fund. That means that we only insure Daimler employees and their family members. Employees who leave the company can remain insured with us. Those who are covered by a family policy and are required to arrange their own health insurance when they start a traineeship can become a member with us, even if the traineeship is not with Daimler. Currently (as at: 1 January 2021) more than 300,000 customers place their trust in us.

We have representatives at all the major Daimler locations, with 19 customer centers across Germany.  

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Applications and Folders

Map of locations
Standortkarte unserer Daimler BKK Kundencenter
German Health Care
Das Gesundheitswesen in Deutschland.
Guide to Benefits
Members recruit members
Recommend us – it’s really worth it
The most important points on the electronic health card
Wichtige Informationen in englischer Sprache zur elektronischen Gesundheitskarte.